Anti-corrosion coatings and materials

Emailchim JSC manufactures anti-corrosion products suitable for outdoor and indoor installations and ferrous and non-ferrous metal structures /incl. stainless steel, zinc, etc./, concrete, ceramics, and many more. Its products can be used in construction works and rehabilitation for the chemical, gas-extraction and oil production industries, in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, wood-pulp and paper, apparel industry, nuclear power generation industry, thermal power generation, machine building, ship building and repair, and batteries manufacturing. Depending on their functional use, the different coatings may be applied through the following methods: airless spraying, injection, puttying, pasting, self-leveling /for floor coatings – strengthened, spark-less, antistatic, inflammable/. In addition to the products listed in the catalogue, Emailchim AD also provides technical documentation according to TOR, implementation schemes, technical guidelines and technological instructions. We offer designer and supervisory control, and work with specialized subcontractors for the application of our anticorrosion coatings. For more information, visit the Products section or contact us.

Product catalogue

Catalogue and technical specification of the products can be downloaded from the link below


From the link below you can download a catalog with pictures and descriptions of our projects


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