Polymer concrete - description:

Composite chemical-resistant material based on non-saturated polyester and epoxy vinyl ester resins in combination with different additives, inhibitors, accelerants and a mixture of quartz fillers with different granulometric composition.
Emailchim JSC also provides technical documentation according to TOR, implementation schemes, technical guidelines and technological instructions. We offer designer and supervisory control, and work with specialized subcontractors.

Polymer concrete - composition:

Resins – thermo-reactive, saturated polyester and epoxy vinyl ester
Hardeners – organic peroxides
Quartz fillers with fraction composition between 0.05 and 16 mm
Our polymer concrete is prepared at the moment of application – molded in appropriate matrixes with geometry and configuration corresponding to the requirements. The resins/ fillers ratio is 8-20/92-80 (depending on the type of resins, the portion of quartz filler fractions, the size and configuration of the products and the exploitation requirements)

Main characteristics of the polymer concrete and polymer concrete products:

- Perfect resistance in highly aggressive environments.
- Excellent strength indications, incl. abrasion resistance.
- Resistance to a vast range of temperature rates.
- Lightness – three times lighter compared to cast iron and metal products.
- Less expensive compared to metals.

Product catalogue

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